Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Ways to Spend the Holidays

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Holidays loom on the horizon. Some of us have already taken a pre-holiday holiday, so to say. There would be ample time to spare in the holidays, and therefore spend your time wisely. Well, here are 10 worthwhile as well as cool and fun ways you could spend the long break:

• Create your own blog. Many youngsters have started blogging as an avenue to express their thoughts. Not only that, but via blogging, you can improve your writing skills too.

• Pick up a new skill such as swimming, singing or dancing. These will help to broaden your general talent base. It might also come in handy one fine day in your life.

• Go on a journey of soul-searching. Spend more time with yourself by communicating with your conscience and you would be surprised to know how close you could get to your inner self.

• Grab a pack of popcorns and head to the cinemas. Holidays pave the way for youngsters to indulge in the seemingly endless influx of Hollywood blockbusters.

• Enjoy by living healthily. Sweat it out by regularly playing sports such as football and badminton. At the same time, you would have plentiful of fun with your peers.

• Attend character building camps. Not only do these sort of camps offer the chance to learn a thing or two about yourself, but you would make new friends too.

• Pick a couple of novels from the nearest bookstore. If you are one who rarely reads, take this opportunity to read. Thriller genred books are the best ones to be read as they are action-packed and suited to a teens flavour.

• Test your Intelligence Quotient (IQ). This would be an indicator of your real intelligence based on common logic and requires no textbook knowledge. Many IQ tests are offered online for free.

• Design a trip to an attractive tourist spot. It is time to rewind and relax after a hectic year of studying. It doesn’t necessarily have to be somewhere far-fetched. Places such as Langkawi and Tioman will do the trick.

• Identify a role model. This is to give you the impetus to want to be someone successful in life. Your role model should be someone who is a leading figure in his/her field and relevant to whom you want to be in future.

*This is an article that I had written for New Straits Times and a revised version of this has been published in the Niexter pullout dated 19th Nov. 2009


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