Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If I Were A Millionaire

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wake up in the morning, and with my eyes barely open, I smell French toast and get the sight of a avant-garde Estonian sparkling wine. Just here, on my bed, one of my maid serves me breakfast on a silver tray. I eat quickly, for I have important agendas on later in the day. In a split-second, I am in my bathroom having a hot sauna bath. Oh my, it really is way better having a sauna bath than a cold shower.

Then, I get dressed in one of my favourite tee. I put on some Armani bodyspray around my upper body, hoping not to get anyone to faint throughout the course of the day. Before leaving my house, I make a quick visit to the altar to say thanks to God for another wonderful morning. I fetch my HS-Z600 car keys, and as soon as I am in the car I drive off.

As I arrive at the Munich High Golf Course, I take out my golf bag while awaiting my playing partner for the day. I was all in a hurry for I am going to have a round of golf with the Mercedes-Benz Group chairman. I make sure I am at my best. Sooner than later, I meet him, exchange conversation, and we take to the golf course.

By noon, the sun is blazing hot, and we decide to end the game. It is a draw. Anyway, I treat Mr. Daimler to lunch at the grandest restaurant in downtown Munich. Well, reservation in itself had cost $2000.We both discussed on business opportunities over lunch. I opine that he is not too bad a bloke and I am sure he thinks the same of me.

Our discussion is deep and it has already been a couple of hours. I decide I better get going to catch up with my agenda for the day. I foot the bill for it is my treat, and I leave a hefty tip for the waitress. She is bewildered by the sum I give her, but I told her “You can keep that”.

Just as I am making my way from the golf course, my best friend calls and sort of on top of his voice scream to me, “Hey mate, you were supposed to be here by what, 20 minutes ago?” I can understand Marx’s despair, but luckily the movie is going to start half-an hour’s time only.

“Well, gone!” I think to myself. No time for us both to have our customary chat over a cup of coffee. I beat a red light to get to ‘Times Square-Squared’ mall as quickly as I can while keeping my fingers crossed that Marx is still there. No choice because the movie tickets cost a lot of money and I did not want it to go to waste.

The movie was great. Marx sort of cooled down over the course of the movie and he is normal now. I have to leave so I say good bye to him and wish him luck for his endeavors in marketing his new tyre brand ‘Marxy’ in the region. He says it is going to be the best tyre brand in the world, and I say, “Why not?”

Already this is turning out to be a hectic day but I cannot go back home just yet. My team is in the finals of the Europa League later this evening, and so as the team owner, I have to be there early. Bayern Munich is a German club that I bought last year and seeing them in the finals of a tournament of this stature is a great feeling. Already my brand, HS, is now renowned all over the world, and this is due to the fact that I do not get shirt sponsorship for my team, instead my car brand is stamped on the Bayern Munich jersey.

Many people have thanked me, and still are thanking me as I approach the air-conditioned director’s box at the Allianz Arena for returning the glory days back to the club due to my heavy investment in it. The match gets underway and I am following the game with great interest. My team wins in the end, but I cannot indulge too much into it. I congratulate the manager and players before making my way home. It is almost a quarter to two, and that means a little rest for me. With Sunday supposedly being a rest day for many, including for me, this turns out being the complete opposite.

I reach home, reply some important e-mails, undress and slump into my super cozy Uzbek cotton pillow and with the quilt made by my mother over my body, I doze off into deep sleep.

I wake up in the morning, realising my father was on the verge of pouring a bucket of water over my face. I rush to the bathroom to have my shower and get ready for school. Wow, I then thought to myself, that might have been a dream, but I promised myself I would make that dream come true, the dream to live like a millionaire, a multi-multi millionaire that is.

*This essay, entitled 'If I Were a Millionaire', is an essay that I had written in school.
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