Thursday, November 19, 2009

Online Gaming: An Irresistible Allure

Thursday, November 19, 2009
You are bored... stiff bored that is. There is nothing that you can do in the world to annihilate that utter boredness of yours – EXCEPT for this one little remedy – ‘ONLINE GAMING’!

What is so different about online gaming that it beats all other sorts of computer games? Simple. It’s because you can play with REAL people, wishful thinking in the case of computer games where you would only play with Artificial Intelligence (AI) at most.

Trust me, once upon a time, I used to be hooked to the computer on grounds of online gaming. Before I proceed any further though, let me clarify one thing first. What I mean by online gaming is not playing flash games on Miniclip or Facebook or anything of that sort. Online gaming here refers to Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games.

I was, on two notable occasions, made a slave of the MMO gaming world. Each of it for a long period of time too. Make no mistake that this is not a confession; it is a mere insight into the online gaming world on my part. Looking back, I feel one of it was worthwhile the servitude, but the other – crap!

Referring to my experience of both the games, the worthwhile former is Powersoccer while the crap latter is Runescape. I had, however, tried my hand at a couple more MMO’s, but for some reason or another, I sticked to these two games only.

I started off with Runescape first. It was practically peer pressure to a certain extent as my classmates were speaking of it every time in class. It wasn’t only me who caught the bug. A few more classmates were on it too. So, we would go home, play till we were scolded off, and boast of our achievements the next day in school.

In the matter of six weeks, I had gone up to level 58, which is a good record. This game lasted me six months before I got the better of its boredom. The game was gradually updated but the updates seemed to be non-relevant, to me at least, and that was the end of it.

Next up – Powersoccer. This was something I ventured into alone, and only one of my classmates caught onto it, albeit by only a bit. I have so many reasons to be proud of my time playing in Powersoccer. It was, and has been, the one and only game in which I successfully made a breakthrough in.

Granted. The graphics and animation have some way to go before reaching the level of say, FIFA, but still it was fun playing Powersoccer. Boasting 3 million members, I was once ranked No. 11 in the world, and top in Asia and Australia. That was until I was banned. Why? I myself am confused. Their version of the story was that I used cheats to reach where I was, but heck, I am no cheater!

Now, I literally do not play MMO’s anymore. Well, I do play Superstar Racing, but extremely rarely because too many features have to be bought and are members-only and this as a result just put me off.

As for you, I am sure you would have experienced online gaming, and most probably enjoyed it. Anyway, what I am looking forward to doing in the near future is playing MMO games via gaming consoles such as Xbox. It is undoubtedly a new-generation gaming experience, one that I would very much like to get my hands on.


AeNa Helaena said...

hello,nice to read ur entries..enhancing my vocab..
keep on writing yea!! oh yea,i've already become ur follower..

Nic Da Nic said...

Err..i need to agree with the previous commenter

you really can write..I almost faint...when i read your blog..
Well, I never even touch what is DOTA. although not so MMO to u.
I think it is wastingtime,like you said you already became the slave once and you got bored once you played it for some time. Sitting in Cyber Cafe playing MMO for youngsters i think quite ok, but not addicted to the game.I have friends that addicted once when we was 15. He can play all day without eating. OMG. That's bad.
The good thing is we can release our tension after we study for some period of time. Playing MMO is still ok to rest your mind,even though I don't think that's resting my mind. The contrast is we hardly get into what we should do once we sit and play the game aka ADDICTED to MMO.

So, make MMO in X box,Play Station, Nintendo? Will it bring more harms or serve the youngsters better?


Nic Da Nic

cr3ap said...

Lol, I also played runescape once before. Quitted it after reaching about level 85. Was quite boring due to those who pay to play -.- They get those real fake equipments which strong armours and weapons and could kill you in seconds even though they are lower level than you. How fake could that be. Felt a bit stupid with the game and quitted. I just played about 3 months and felt lazy to play on. I still remember the 1st MMROPG which makes my best memories is RO - Ragnarok Online when it was still in free trial and doesn't require monthly payments to pay. After it changed to pay to play, then I quitted also Lol. Rather play games for free.

Regards from cr3ap

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

some can get addicted..but for my case..i dun seem to get hooked by mmorpg..i tried RYL, Ragnarok but doesn't seem to like it..hehe..but i will get hooked on console gaming..

Tiffany said...

Haha. I totally know what it means. I was there playing 24 hours and it is literally I am living in it.

Ninja Coffee said...

I was addicted to online gaming once. Took me a year of therapy to get out of it. Now i am proud to say that i can resist any temptation cybercafes. Stalking has more of an adrenaline rush


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