Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 and a Half Reasons to be on Facebook

Thursday, December 17, 2009

*Tom's Mother(Orange)

“Hey Tom, get off the computer at this instant, or I shall pull the wire out of its socket!”

“Give me one more second mom, I am busy.”

Tom’s mom walks to the computer table.

“Ooh, so this is what you do on the computer?”

“Yes mom, I am ‘facebooking’”

“Ok, if you can give me just seven reasons as to why you should be spending your time ‘facebooking’, I shall let you off the hook.”

“Nah, it’s okay. I will give you seven and a half reasons, half more than you require me to give.”

“So you are trying to act smart? Never mind, go ahead, I am all ears.”

“Firstly, I can connect with all my friends; past and present, as well as making new friends. We can regularly keep in touch by sending posts to one another’s profile, and also chat at the same time.”

“Next, I can share pictures of our dog Johnny, the pictures we took at Australia last year, and also view my friends’ pictures. With that, I can explore places that I haven’t been to via the pictures that my friends’ post.”

“What on earth! You share our family photos with your friends? Don’t you have any sense of privacy?”

“I think privacy has been grossly misinterpreted by you guys from the Stone Age. In this age, the being of the Internet makes the presence of privacy almost negligible.”

“Anyways, getting on with my story, I can upload a funny video, or just share a video that I find unique and worth sharing with my contacts.”

“Well, that is good. That means you would have caught the hottest stuff from the sports and entertainment world?”

“Yeah, sort of. Then, I can fan my favourite football team, my dream car company and my favourite artist. And the coolest part is I can leave a comment on their posts and also leave a message on their profile, all for the world to see.”

“Which means that you would have gone to Manchester United’s page and left a comment there?”

“I did that. And guess what, Alex Ferguson commented on my post!”

“I don’t buy that for some reason or another my dear Tommy.”

“Alright. Sleep on it. The fifth reason to be on facebook is that I can play interesting and fun flash games. They are not entirely cool or bombastic games, but they are for sure addictive. Add that to the incentive of playing with friends only makes it better.”

“So, that’s why I see you on Mafia Games now? All this nonsense?”

“You should play it mom. Be you would be tempted to be here all day long.”

“That is very humorous of you.”

“Not humour – it is a fact. Anyways, moving on, I can share any thought that comes to my mind – be it happy, sad, angry, emotional or inspirational. And then, people comment on it, giving sort of some feedback.”

“Means that you post up there every time I scold you off? Wow. That sounds really bad.”

“No offence okay mom.”

“None taken.”

“The seventh and last complete reason is that there are a whooping 300 million folks on Facebook. Chances are your office colleagues and long lost school friends are on Facebook too.”

“I will ponder on the prospects of the pro’s and con’s or creating a Facebook account. But you are missing something Tommy.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“You have 7 reasons. What about the last half reason?”

“Glad you asked for that. It is just because I use Facebook. I am your son you know. That should be reason enough for you to use Facebook – at least half a reason.”

Two hours later, Tommy’s mother was on Facebook with 72 friends busy playing Farmville!


Bruce828 said...

Interesting conversation there^^ haha~

Maxloon120 said...

The truth for me is.. I less facebooking but more on blogging =]]

Calvin said...

LOL. Nice one there. XD

kumfye said...

good job dude!!! facebooking now!!!

WeiZhong said...

Today's visit... Hehe... I have to give my mom 101 reasons for facebooking..

Dosz said...

thats y i cant live without facebook... mafia wars!

Mafia Wars Tutorial Here

Ana Cristina Toledo said...

Hello Himmath, thans for visiting my blog, as well as for the comments left. Wish you a happy and successful day!

Bagas said...

It's really a good reason .. but after a few months later she complained facebook was only for playing and hanging out with fellow hobby. Nothing is more valuable information that is more interesting than bloging.

nn said...

hahaha. good one! but after you have she reaches level 30, she'll delete Farmville.

Manji said...

everyone should own facebook account...

E. Sheppard said...

I like looking at other people's comments on Facebook and on Twitter. You can really find some funny stuff there. I like the different colors you have put in your blog comments text.

♥ Renise said...

wow... promoting Facebook? xD
lotsa people addicted to Facebook.

rescy said...

facebook very friendly for use

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