Monday, December 14, 2009

A Collection of Collectibles

Monday, December 14, 2009

Many a times, you will come across people who prize upon their collection of an endless array of collectibles very highly. Be it miniature cars, be it a miniature house, or even be it action figures and comic books. Different people find their unique passion, and it is something that they treasure very much.

I must say that I am not really a collectibles enthusiast, but that does not mean that I do not have some collectibles by my side. At home, the collectibles are well preserved in the showcases.

Quoting, collectibles simply mean, “... a manufactured item designed for people to collect. In this respect, they are distinguishable from other subjects of collections, which may also include natural objects (e.g., butterflies) and objects manufactured for purposes other than collecting (e.g., stamps).

Here are a few pictures of my paltry collection. Obviously, some like the Ferrari cars are common stuff, while maybe stuff like the warplanes and Beijing Olympics official mugs are unique.

Three disconsolate action figures from the land of Metra Nui. Used to love collecting them but those were the days.

A collection of miniature sleek model warplanes that my Aunty presented to me and some miniature Ferrari cars from Shell.

Official Beijing Olympic mugs that my father got. These mugs are not so common and now, people would pay a bomb to get their hands on it.

For some people, collecting collectibles means a lot to them. I have seen some people treasure their collection so much that they assume it to be a major part of their lives. There are people who travel to countries just to add to their present collection.

Then, looking at their collectibles brings them a great sense of satisfaction; of accomplishment. But others like me probably just collect to splash some cash here and there. To me, the most collectibles can help in is by beautifying the showcases.

I, for one, used to get action figures like the Bionicle ones because I saw my friends having it. After that, I got a large set miniature warplanes because my Aunty was good enough to sponsor it for me. Nowadays, my father usually just gets stuff like Ferrari or James Bond cars from Shell petrol stations whenever there is an ongoing promotion.

Otherwise ladies and gentlemen, just share what you folks like to collect, and the story of your affinity with it. Every person would usually have a set of collectibles, even if it is not your passion.


Bruce828 said...

Nice collection u hv there^^

Ken Wooi said...

nice toys =)

Nic Da Nic said...

finally it works

err everything around me is collection
incuding my clothes..hahahahaha
but the most important one to me is my cds.i can never find then anywhere else

nice shell f1 cars..i got one too

kumfye said...

nice collection man...i also have a big collection of toys...

哈亞斯 said...

Very nice collection you have...
I also plan to collect those lego type of robot...

Jasper T said...

Hello... I am glad to exchange link with you... ^^ here's my link

Drop me some comments too...

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