Monday, December 21, 2009

Zombieland Movie Review

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today, I went to watch Zombieland, a so-called zombie-comedy kind of tie up. Well, after watching it, I can assure you that yes – it is a zombie-comedy tie up – but, other than that, there is nothing much to it.

The plot of the movie revolves around a world that is overtaken by zombies. The zombies are cannibals, for they eat humans, feasting feast-fully on their bodily flesh. Actually, the depiction of the zombies are rather gooey – with blood and botched saliva dripping from their mouth.

So, the main protagonist of the film, a character known simply as Columbus, has his own set of rules, running all the way down to #32 to facilitate him in evading the zombies to continue living. He also has the misconception that he is the last remaining non-cannibal human on the face of the planet.

Then, as he drives out to return to his hometown in Ohio to return to his family's home, he meets Tallahassee, a zombie-killing tough-guy.  Along the way, Columbus and Tallahassee kill a host of zombies using baseball bats and their shotguns and rifles which seemed all too easy for me.

Together, Tallahassee and Columbus move on to the east-coast. Tallahassee, however, itches for a food-stuff called Twinkle. This leads them to a supermarket where they meet two sisters, Little Rock and Wichita, who, after a series of sub-plots, travel together.

But the two sisters have a game plan – trust no one but themselves. They would therefore ditch Tallahassee and Columbus towards the end only for the both of them to come back and save 12 year-old Little Rock and Wichita when the zombies swarm them at an amusement park.

The movie is very barren in the sense that the environment is very dull. A point to note is that the only humans in the movie are the four above and A-List Hollywood actor, Bill Murray, whose house they lived in for a few days. They mistaken Murray as a zombie, when in true fact, he wore make-up to blend in with the zombies so as to save himself from getting eaten.

Besides that, the movie doesn’t really have a plot-line that it follows. It is tantamount to a kid directing a movie, with no headway whatsoever. There aren’t many scenes where I believe as a matter of fact, anyone was in a state suspense. It lacked dramatic scenes in other words.

In addition to that, the conversations and dialogues are also dry and dull, and they tend to slam profanities at one another every so often. Columbus especially has a limited set of expressions. The only bright side to the movie is that it has a sense of humour; wacky at times, but otherwise lame.

Interestingly, the characters in this movie are not known by their real name. Instead, they are addressed by their place of origin.

One thing for sure is that the movie is definitely not a horror flick. I cannot really say what the director wanted to achieve with this sort of a movie. In a way, yes – it is different, but different in a negative manner.

I would simply say that the movie is downright stupid, lame and dim-witted to comprehend it better. How on earth it could pass the test to be screened in cinemas worldwide is another mystery in itself.

I wasted 12 Ringgit and one and a half precious hours of my Sunday watching the movie. Fine, not my twelve bucks since my cousin paid for it, but come on, trust me – it ain’t worth watching, unless you don’t have qualms about wasting your time and money that is.

The Verdict:

Storyline: Negligible a.k.a. Non-Existent
Character Portrayal: 5/10
Humour: 6.5/10
Overall: 4/10


Lights 2 Flag said...

It sounds like a re-hash of a British film called Sean of the Dead which came out a few years ago.

That was funny but very gory and probably the English humour might not travel too well in other countries.

I like the look of your blog by the way.


WeiZhong said...

Hey sry ... Last time editing my layout then missing some contact... Linked u... ^^

Apple said...

urgh. I knew it. Zombieland wasn't really nice. Heard from my friends who were watching it in college. Haha.

Lucky thing i went and watch Storm Warriors, not Zombieland Hahahah!

shortleggtiger said...

on my flight from perth to kl with mas early this december, i noticed an article by you. i forgot what it was about but i thought i'd tell you that HEY I RECOGNIZE YOU hehe.

don't forget to drop by and comment once in a while eh

WeiZhong said...

Clicked MAS ^^

atreyu strange said...

So.. I can just watch it on DVD rite? Hehehe..

Aj said...

this movie so-called black humor.. its a great movie for me.. unpredictable storyline.. but i love it..

Anonymous said...

This movie's fine. It doesn't require much thinking, which is a good thing if you want to fully enjoy movies. Although this movie lacks action, it still is good in my opinion.

Nic Da Nic said...

i haven't watched yet
well..i will watch that soon..if i am free ^^
thanks for the review

Nikel Khor said...

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arieDRifke said...

Hey, nice blog u have, tq for visiting me k!

submit photo illustration said...

I love to watch zombie movies, but zombieland is the worst zombie movie I have watch. I didn't enjoy watching and it's a waste of time.

Danny DeMichele said...

Hey,This movie was the scariest movie I have seen. I think these zombie movies just rocks. They should make more movies likes this.

Argington Bam Collection said...

Zombies are so horrible......

Anonymous said...

The plot of the movie revolves around a world that is overtaken by zombies. The zombies are cannibals, for they eat humans, feasting feast-fully on their bodily flesh.

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