Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goals for the Year 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have got a great feeling that 2010 will be my best year yet. OK - fine! I am only 16 years of age, but still, I feel it is good to set goals, goals of high standards and quality, so that your path to become a somebody in life can be fulfilled a tad more easily.

I am aware of the fact that it is 20 days into the new year, but there are another 344 days left to go, so don't think that I am late in setting my goals! I just want to have a concerted go at successfully accomplishing all these goals, although what I want to achieve may not entirely depend on me.

I hope to achieve notable success in an assortment of fields, but this year, my major goals are mostly centered around mainstream writing and blogging, and of course getting good grades for my major exam - the much dreaded SPM examinations!

Here, I have listed all my goals for the present 2010 year. The goals are broken down into three sub-categories, 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars. Goals that have been accomplished will appear in Orange. I will update this at the end of every month to serve as my checklist.

You may see some goals that may make you think I am an oblivious clown who builds castles in the air, but NO! Nothing is impossible. If I do not achieve some of the goals, I would be alright. Just that the more I can accomplish, the better I will feel. Haha, what a hypothesis.

3 *** Stars

> Continue writing in the New Straits Times pullout Niexter, a paper by junior journalists and be an editor of the paper too.

> Win my school's squash championships, the Kepong Open. Well, actually, I have to retain the title as I won it last year.

> Join the Star's junior journalism program, called BRATs in a bid to widen my experience in the writing field.

> Join my school debating team and be on the podium in the district level at least.

4 **** Stars

> Be chosen as Nuffnang’s blogger of the month.

> Feature in the third season of Project Alpha, an online documentary on Malaysian bloggers.

> Write an opinion piece in the main New Straits Times paper as a columnist.

> Achieve Google Page Rank 4 for my blog.

> Obtain 100 marks for Additional Mathematics in the major exams.

5 ***** Stars

> Get my short story that I sent in for a review to be published in an anthology.

> Get enough nominations to be a finalist in the 2nd Nuffnang Blog Awards.

> Make it to the national level of the Spell It Right contest organized by NST.

> Be a finalist of the tentatively scheduled inaugural Young Entrepreneur Startup challenge for schoolchildren organized by Moneytree.

> Get an interview regarding my blog published in any of the major newspapers in the country.

> Obtain 10 straight A's in my SPM examinations.


Kent said...

Wow Himmat,

You have big ambitions,that is very good for young people like you! You have a bright future!


Isaac said...

Great ambitions and good post! All the best.


SonnyKazu said...

I see you have a future...
Good luck!!

SonnyKazu said...

yes, im a state bowler from Kedah.
But now I am concentrating on my studies d... so I seldom go for training ald... :)

Himmat Singh said...

@ Kent
Thanks man.

Yea, thanks too mayte :)

@Wooi Kit
Hopefully yea...thanks!

cr3ap said...

Wow, you sure have big dreams and big goals in your life. Hope that all your goals would be achieved by the end of this year.

Regards from cr3ap

Nikel Khor said...

how abt gal?

from Nikel Khor

Brenda B said...

Omg, I thought you're like 40 or 50 years old :/ Hehe, my bad my bad. You're so young! Be the featured blogger on NN? I support you :) Squash? Yay, I suke :) All the best to ya.

Himmat Singh said...

Yea man...would surely work towards em.


Huh??? 40? 50? Be rest assured im only 16!!! And thnx!

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