Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Season Thus Far

Saturday, January 2, 2010

One of the most enthralling Premier League seasons in recent years has just passed the halfway mark of the 2009-2010 season. In the first five months of the season, we have witnessed many shocking results, agonies, disappointments, beautiful goals and state-of-the-art passing.

If anything is to come by, this season has seen the so-called ‘Big Four’ not being an exclusive club traditionally reserved only for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. Aston Villa, Manchester City and Tottenham have in particular dramatically upped the ante on the big guns.

Furthermore, the number of goals that clubs have shipped in, or rather the strikers have scored, is also a tad greater as compared to previous seasons. That basically means that in terms of viewership, the Premier League is more appealing since there are more goals scored this season.

Interestingly, it seems that the Premier League table resembles a tale of two halves. The pursuit for the coveted top spot is on in pretty intense fashion, but so is the race to avoid the ignominy of being relegated from the Premier League which appears to be another title race in itself.

As you can see from analysing the league standings, only five points separates the ninth placed team from the cusp of relegation – which brings us to the fact that no team can rest on their laurels, for they would be done with if that is the case.

Moreover, there is growing concern that due to financial complications, rock-bottom Portsmouth could be expelled from the Premier League. They would go bust if they don't sell their players. It is quite strange that it has boiled down to this as they have had three owners in the past year alone.

Besides that, there is something for us to learn from – that money does not necessarily guarantee success. Just ask Manchester City. They spent lavishly in the transfer window but have not been able to deliver successfully which undoubtedly was the final blow that led to the sacking of their manager, Mark Hughes.

On the other hand, the surprise package of the season have been Birmingham. They remain unbeaten since October, and should any of the top seven teams slip up, they would be ready to pounce on the opening to a Europa League ticket.

Speaking of players, there have been many who have revelled. Wayne Rooney has taken up the mantle as Manchester’s leading frontman quite well. Didier Drogba is as lethal as ever for Chelsea. The fit Fernando Torres can be a pain for opposition backlines. And at the same time, Darren Bent of Sunderland and Jermaine Defoe of Tottenham are in the form of their lives to propel their respective clubs up the standings.

On the signings made during the summer transfer window, there have been a number of value-for-money buys. One such instance is Thomas Vermaelen, the Belgian defender who has shored up a previously flimsy Arsenal backline. Carlos Tevez has also been a good buy for Manchester City. However, there is the void left by the record-grossing departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid to comprehend with at the same time.

On a separate note, I reckon that the most outstanding manager thus far has been Tottenham’s Harry Redknapp as he has used his squad to great effect, but Birmingham’s Alex McLeish is worth a mention too while the new manager at Eastlands, Roberto Mancini, has the chance to prove his worth after fruitful stints in Italy.

Based on my opinion, the most amazing goal is certainly Maynor Figueroa’s rocket-launcher into the top corner from a quickly taken free-kick inside his own half when Wigan played Stoke. It wasn’t like as if the goalkeeper was off his line – it was just pure brilliance, or perhaps luck. Whatever it is, that doubles up as my goal of the decade too.

Now, the football maniacs and bystanders alike will await the conclusion of the season in earnest fashion. It could be Chelsea, it could be the blue half of Manchester, it could be the red half of Manchester, or it could be Arsenal – or any other team for that matter. Still, whoever triumps at the end of the season will definitely be the most worthy of champions.

My Prediction

Although I only watch the Premier League on rare occasions, but me being me, I feel the itch to prematurely predict the conclusion of the Premier League. Above, I have drawn up a table, and who knows, if what I predict becomes a part of reality, I might take on the job of a football pundit. Fine – I know that's wishful thinking. -


Lee said...

every man's entitled to his football punditry but seriously, Utd to end 3rd?

Anonymous said...

dude, everyone's entitle for his own opinion

Anonymous said...

this is total bs. united to end 4th or 5th. 3rd is overrated

Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

United for 1st my man!

viOLingirl said...

ok..already linked me back..ok??
happy new year..=)

Aj said...

Long live the red

~Live Life~ said...

Hmm...watching football on rare occasions but still came up with such detailed analysis? That's impressive...

I'm still rooting for Liverpool...

It would be an even exciting half of the season in 2010...and maybe even for few seasons to come...the battle has just started!

~Live Life~ said...

Oh...and I meant what I typed or said...not brown-nosing u or what...don't get me wrong, dude!

Himmat Singh said...

Haha...seems so many Man Utd fans here.
@ Live Life - I do not have Astro so thats why I rarely watch. But I follow the games via newspapers and Online sources. Anyways, thanks alot for your support.

arjan said...

Great writing. The only thing I can say is that there is loads of action left in the Premier League this season.

idysur tagem said...

nice report come up with such prediction on who'll stay up and who stay down really needs one's greatest mind.are you a bookie or something?haha.just kidding.

d1n0za said...

Liverpool for me. I gotta admit it is so tough to be on top now... Anyway, love this post!

Himmat Singh said...

thanks. Yes...there is alot left.

Well, I am no bookie. More like a rookie. Haha.

Liverpool wont win for sure, but just pray they get into Europe at least lah.

~Live Life~ said...

You're welcome, himmat! Checking u out again...=) Will see whether your predictions are correct when the season ends...

ishvinder singh gill said...

himmat manchester united were the champions and now they are the champions and they will be the champions in this seasons

Himmat Singh said...

@Live Life
yea shall see about it...hehe

no doubt manchester are a good team but the will come a time when they will see their downfall

ishvinder singh gill said...

hey himmat i think man united will be the champions they did perform very well against arsenal lets watch against aston villa tomorrow early morning and check out how is their perfomance

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