Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Singer Like No Other

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ever heard of songs such as ‘How Do You Do’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Runaway’, or ‘Why You Had To Leave’? I guess the answer is a blank NO! Well, that is only to be expected as I do not blame you for these are songs that I find to be the ‘best of the best’, so to say, but sung by a not-so-popular artist named Cascada.

Though it is remotely possible that you may have heard of Cascada, but it is all too common that most people know her for her hits only, namely ‘Everytime We Touch’ and ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ that have made it to mainstream channels that play music such as radio FM’s and television programmes such as MTV Hits.

Truth be told, I am no music maniac. I listen rarely to music, and am not overtly obsessed over it. But during those rare times that I listen to my music playlist, it is constituted of mainly all her songs. Her style of singing is genrely classified as Eurodance and electronic, with awesome fast beats and engaging choruses, but maybe with lyrics lacking in deep meanings.

Actually, I have been disseminating some wrong information here. And this fact – I am sure none of you are aware of. Cascada is not a female artist’s name. I repeat, Cascada is not a female artist’s name.

All along the way, I thought it was a solo thing done by her only. Indeed, Cascada is a band’s name, made up of vocalist Natalie Horler who is widely perceived to be Cascada herself, and Yann Peifer and DJ Manian, who are German producers.

Still, it makes me wonder why is it a band, and not a solo act as I have never heard the two producers sing. To make matters easy though, Cascada = Natalie Horler. So, when I speak of Cascada, it simply means I am speaking of the German-born Natalie.

She debuted with the album Everytime We Touch in the year 2004, and her hit single is of the same name too. This album is made up of 14 tracks. This was rated the best dance album of the year 2006. For me, I like the hit single, along with How Do You Do, A Neverending Dream, One More Night and Wouldn’t It Be Good.

Next, after finding her footing in the music industry, she released her second album, titled ‘Perfect Day’. This album had many versions and each version had a song that other versions didn’t have, but roughly, there were 13 tracks with a further 3 bonus ones. My favourite tracks from this albums are Runaway, I Will Believe It and Could It Be You.

Then, late last year, she released her latest album, titled ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’, which is also the title of her hit single. But any avid Cascada fan can tell that she took a different approach for this album made up of 11 tracks as her songs had a different feel to it. I , for one, do not find her hit single good. However, I do like the other practically unknown tracks such as Hold On and Breathless.

I got to know of Cascada from a CD that I bought in the year 2006, and since then, I have grown to like her songs more and more. But what perplexes me is that not many know of her and her masterpieces, or so I think. She deserves more recognition, that’s for sure. And she also deserves to win some Grammy Awards, at least for dance hits.

So, if you haven’t had the pleasure to listen to some of her amazing work, I reckon you download some of her songs right away. And I’d be prepared to get booed of you find her songs tantamount to nonsense or anything of that sort.


ishvinder singh gill said...

himmat she my favourite singer !!!!!!!!! nice writing out there

cr3ap said...

Never knew her past. Only start listening on her latest release of Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor 2009. Kind of love it. But not all the songs in it. Some might be too noisy and some beats are rather too extreme. Only certain songs maybe.

Regards from cr3ap

Himmat Singh said...

Yea. All the songs I gave you to download, well worth listening ain't it?? Haha/

I would say her latest(third) album, is not as good as the first one. Go listen to the first album especially.

Hermanto said...

nice share.. keep posting, friends.. please visit me back :)



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