Thursday, February 11, 2010

My 2010 SPM Examinations

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This year, I would be facing the biggest, and possibly live-charting, exams of my life – the SPM examinations! My future pretty much hinges on the results that I would obtain. Although I am no fan of textbook mugging or spending excessive hours doing questions and revising, I have no choice here. Like it or not, I got to get the results, no matter what.

We students fret whenever we hear of exams, so what more when we hear of SPM! Short for ‘Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia’, this examination is a prerequisite for any Malaysian citizen. To say the least, this has put many students under tremendous pressure that they could be better off without. Luckily though, I am not stressed out by this. Not yet at least!

However, this year, the rules of the game has changed a bit. The Education Ministry has capped the number of exams that are to be taken into account for the final standings to 10. And guess what, some say 10 only!

Anyways, I have already picked my 10 subjects and sent in the official form. The subjects that I would be taking are listed below, along with a brief commentary on each of it. Wish me some luck guys, for I would need it. And if you are wondering why isn't Biology on the list, that is because I dropped it.

Bahasa Malaysia

This being the official language of Malaysia, it comes as no surprise that in order to get an overall pass for SPM, you first got to pass the Bahasa Malaysia exam. The ‘sastera’ (literature) component is my Achilles heel, but I believe that the A is not far from my grasp as I have the basic foundation in this subject well-placed. And my teacher says I got to work on my handwriting too!


Many say that English is an easy subject. But I beg to differ. No doubt, it looks simple, but I have seen many people not getting an A when they were poised to do so. Therefore, I wouldn’t like to be overconfident when sitting for the English paper because overconfidence can sometimes lead to disastrous results. Nevertheless, an A is my goal for this subject.


This has been my favourite subject ever since I stepped into schooling life. Hence, what better way to cap it all off with another A. For some reason or another, year after year, Maths has been my strongest subject, but I never tasted 100 marks guessed it right – callous mistakes took its toll on me. Whatever it is, only an A in SPM would do for Maths.


I used to like Sejarah (History) during my days in the lower secondary, but not anymore. Back then, an A used to be a formality, but currently, this is my weakest subject – by a margin too that is. Instead of fighting for better grades, I only can obtain a D at the very most. So, I need to pull my socks up and aim for the top, or all is lost. Oh no, I am gonna hate this!


I didn’t learn much of the Moral subject during my lower secondary times, and so, I faced a reality shock after having to sit for the exams in Form 4. And guess what, I got the lowest mark in my whole school (27)! But things have changed since then. There really isn’t much to study and mug in Moral, but the marking scheme is very rigid. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an A.


It used to be one of my better subjects last year but due to severe slacking in my work, my marks slid down the order. Now, I have got my act back together and I believe that with some more practice, and by constantly paying attention in class, an A is highly feasible.


Since I like numbers, my Accounts is pretty well taken care of. Though there are many formats, I don’t believe in simply memorising them, for its better to understand and then remember them. If you know your way around well enough, Accounts isn't really that tough a subject. It’s like – you know it or you don’t. All out for an A!

Additional Mathematics

I have had sort of a romance with Add Maths for the past one year for I used to devout a higher percentage of my time for Add Maths compared for the other subjects. I aimed for 100 marks last year, but lacked the punch to achieve it. Anyway, I would try again this year for my trial exams. So for SPM, I just got to maintain my results and I am sure the A will follow suit.


I started on the wrong foot last year – I completely neglected my Form 4 Physics! But since my ambition is to become a race car engineer, there is no other way around but to do well for this subject. The formulas are beginning to come to me. Hopefully, that is a good sign. As it has been all throughout, I am still counting on an A for Physics.


This is my cultural language, and sort of my mother tongue. I have been preparing for the Punjabi paper for years I guess. Though I have to say it isn’t quite as interesting as English, but still, for the sake of my heritage I am taking it. My Punjabi needs some brushing up and polishing, and once that is settled, I think I am good to go and nick an A.

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the SPM examinations, and if you are sitting for it this year, what are the subjects that you would be taking.
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