Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Formula One Cars

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The curtain for the 2010 Formula One season draws open in about a month and a half's time. As we, the Formula One fanatics watch from the sidelines in anticipation of the season to begin, the teams are in the midst of unveiling their 2010 challengers.

As we know it, 13 teams have been granted their slot on the Formula One grid for this season. However, how many that really make it for the start of the season is a question mark in itself.

The main rule change is that the 'double-decker' diffusers, a controversial episode of the last season, has been fully outlawed. This has radically changed the car designs of most teams, with many of them opting for a longer wheelbase.

The season will be run over 19 races across four continents. The highlight, or rather the talking point of the close season has been the comeback of Michael Schumacher. I wonder if can he still weave his magic wand and add to his eight world titles.

For now, I have compiled the pictures obtained from all over the net of teams who have already unveiled their 2010 cars. A full pre-season review will follow up in about two weeks time, by when we would be able to get a picture of the ensuing season as testing would have got underway in full swing.





Toro Rosso




Force India

So, which 2010 car looks the best? Which car has the sleekest bodywork and design? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


arjan said...

Looking forward for the full pre-season review.

Zi Sheng said...

Was here. Too bad i am not a car person heheh

arjan said...

Pity Renault very little sponsor

Himmat Singh said...

@Zi Sheng

Yea, coz they had the crashgate scandal so the sponsors practically ran away!

cj'alhafiz said...

Virgin???? Never heard bout that team..haha!!!

my Granny loves F1, but she just waiting when the cars will crash..haha!! if not...she'll ask...
"when would those fast cars will crash??"



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