Monday, February 8, 2010

When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

Monday, February 8, 2010

I was browsing through the papers a while ago and I came across an article entitled “Dinosaur Footprints Found in China”. After reading through that piece of article, I paused for a while and thought, “What was Earth like when there were dinosaurs?”

Maybe, when the dinosaurs graced the world, the scenario was like how it was pictured in the Jurassic Park movie, or perhaps like how it was cooked up to be in the Land Before Time collection of animated films. The thing is, we cannot know for sure how it actually was, not for the moment at least.

I think dinosaurs were ghastly, beastly, mean animals. Or perhaps, even worse than animals. I mean, we definitely like to see T-Rexes in movies, but imagine you getting chased down ruthlessly by one, and then the guy gorges on your flesh with delight.

If the dinosaurs were to exist now, even the so-called herbivorous dinosaurs such as the ‘Long Neck’ would be dangerous. That's because if it weren’t to eat you up, it would have you smashed flat to the ground after having its gargantuan feet on your body. And you would be smashed meat!

But for some reason or another, dinosaurs were fated not to coincide with the timeline of the ‘Homo Sapiens’, the species of which we originate from. Scientists have proven that dinosaurs had gone extinct some 65 million years ago, long before the fist human set foot on Earth.

If we cannot picture how the Earth was with the existence of the dinosaurs, then how about this – predicting what was it that sealed their fate, in the sense that what was the cause of their apparently sudden departure from the face of our planet.

Theorists have come up with numerous unfounded theories. Like the one I read in the papers, it said that all the footprints of the dinosaurs that were discovered were facing in one direction. It stated that a panic migration was underway when all of a sudden, an Almighty force intervened and, all was gone.

Well, that’s just not about it. I remember reading elsewhere that asteroids, massive floods and climate change could be the root cause of this. Whatever it is, we leave this topic open for discussion to those from the paleontology fraternity.

Anyway, with all the bones and fossils that have been dug up all through these years, at least the human race know the bodily structure and appearance of those strong and versatile beasts that come in all shapes and sizes.

The best part is that I have heard many children saying that they wished dinosaurs were still on this planet. Actually, I used to hope for that too. A bit of panic every now and again wouldn’t be so bad after all, would it?

So, what are your opinions on dinosaurs? Do you seriously wish they still existed, or would you rather want to see them for real in a museum? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thank you!
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