Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Gaga Phenomenon

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eccentric... weird... bizarre... wacky... funky... and you can go on and on digging up similar words but it can never be enough to describe the lady in full. The lady that I am talking about here is the visionary of a modern fusion of pop, electronic and dance music that seems to be to the liking of every other person. The lady makes the world go gaga, literally. And of course, the lady is none other than Lady Gaga.

If there ever was a person who has made extensive use of modern means to rise to super stardom, then it must be her for she has successfully used the digital media to her advantage, making it a launchpad to her globalised fame.

How? Well, she has one of the highest viewed videos of all time on YouTube, that is her hit single, or must I say in this case her super duper hit single, Bad Romance. It has impressively notched 138 million viewers!

Besides Bad Romance, another one of her singles, Just Dance, is on the threshold of a hundred million views. And she has a long list of other singles such as Love Game, Eh Eh (nothing else I can say) and Paparazzi that have navigated past the 10 million mark.

Although her music videos are highly unusual in a weird sense, but generally, it is that uncanny nature of her that moulds her to be a fan favourite, and what makes her Lady Gaga. The music video for 'Bad Romance' for instance, is very peculiar in terms of the costumes as well as the scenes.

Personally speaking, Lady Gaga’s music isn’t entirely to my taste, as I find that the lyrics of her songs aren't really meaningful and resounding but due to her phenomenal star power, I somehow have started to like her songs. Probably because I hear them time and time again everywhere I go, and that the chorus of her songs are at the very least always pleasant to hear and cheery in nature.

In truth, the singer that I prefer for this electronic/dance genre is Cascada. However, in terms of worldwide fame, Cascada is lagging way behind Lady Gaga. But that doesn't seem to be right as Lady Gaga is relatively new to the music industry, whilst Cascada has been a prominent player for quite some years.

The one and only reason that comes to my mind as to why this is the case is because of the way in which Lady Gaga portrays herself, that is in a way no one else can. What I mean is the fashion that she sports.

Seriously, to me, and I guess to everyone out there, whatever she wears is most of the time considered anything but fashion. Outrageous outfits and mind-boggling attires are the order of the day for Lady Gaga. Many women out there wouldn’t have the confidence to wear such ‘clothes’, for fear that they would be consigned to be the laughing stocks of society.

However, as my cousin sister had pointed out to me, it takes not only a whole lot of guts, but also self-confidence, to be able to dress like that. And I agree with her point of view, fully.

That is because to wear clothes ranging from bubbles-inspired themes to zombie-like gowns and having hair-do’s mimicking a hat isn’t quite civilised. But I guess that this is all done in the name of being original, and in this case, it pays off rather handsomely for Lady Gaga.

She may be born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, but no one cares about that. As a matter of fact, no one even knows that is her real name. All everybody cares about is Lady Gaga and the music she associates herself with.

How do you find Lady Gaga? Do you like her brand of music? Feel free to share your thoughts by dropping a comment.
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