Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rediscovering Lost Smiles

Thursday, March 4, 2010

SMILE. This simple yet immaculate five-letter word is the driving force behind the cause that the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia (CWS) is championing. The society is built on the foundation of granting the wishes of children suffering from terminal and life-threatening illnesses, all in the hope that it will put a smile back on the faces of these youngsters.

The founding principle, as Ms. Lim Ai Mee, the society’s treasurer explains, is to “… bring a spark of light back into their otherwise painful journey.” CWS grants the wishes of children that are brought to their attention without taking into account their creed, colour and social status. The wishes of these children are most of the time very simple, such as wanting a PSP or a portable DVD player.

If you need an incentive to know why you should lend them a hand, just ponder on the prospect of knowing that you were part of the reason that put back a radiant smile on the faces of these special children who would otherwise be imbued in pain due to their illnesses.

Do you know that you can join CWS and be a part of their vision and at the same time make a difference in the lives of children in need.

You can do so by:

 Donating online via Ruumz Causes

 Organising a donation drive in your school or college

How to donate via Ruumz Causes?

 Set up your free personal account @ Ruumz

 After activating your account, activate your Ruumz e-wallet @ Ruumz Blings!

 You can purchase credits via credit card or your bank savings account

 Then, go to the CWS Cause page

 You can donate as little as Rm1 and up to RM100

 Spread the word to your friends on social networking sites

How to donate via school/college?

 Get a group of friends to join you and be a part of your mission

 Have a group discussion and think of ways you can go about collecting funds

 Submit your plan to your school or college administration

 After getting the green light, you are good to go

Where do I send the money to?

 Bank the money into the CWS account in Al Rajhi Bank: A/c 12800-1080610552

 Make a cheque out to the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia and bank it into the Al Rajhi Bank A/c 12800-1080610552.

Why should I be a part of this?

In the words of Ms. Lim: “Should we sit by the sidelines and watch others fade away or would we rather bring their smile back?”

I hope now that you are aware of this movement and its initiatives, you would take a proactive step by coming forward and playing your part, and at the same time, getting others to join you. Remember, EACH of us have the potential to make a DIFFERENCE!

*In collaboration with the Niexter issue dated 4th of March 2010
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