Monday, April 5, 2010

Power Soccer: An Online Football Game

Monday, April 5, 2010

If you are the hard-core footballer who’d tend to spend more time playing football off the pitch than on it, chances are that you would fall in love with ‘Power Soccer’, a 3-D browser-based massive multiplayer online game.

Created in 2005, Power Soccer boasts millions of real-time players from every corner of the world. I started playing this game a couple of years ago, and was practically forced to stop playing it over a year ago after getting banned, for reasons unknown to me. At that time, I was riding high in the game – I was ranked eleventh best in the world and top in Asia and Australia!

You must be wondering: Why would millions of people out there want to play this game when there are better football games available such as ‘FIFA Online 2’?

Well, the answer to that question lies in the fact that ‘Power Soccer’ is more than just a football game; it is an online community. You’d come across loads of amazing and good-natured gamers, and you could make friends with them.

That aside, the technicality of the game itself isn’t complicated at all, and the game interface is also user-friendly.

Basically, gamers take control of a team and as they play more matches, they level up and are able to increase their player’s attributes. At the same time, by winning matches, gamers are able to increase their rank points, which influences their overall rank in the game.

Sometimes, gamers become over-excited and too eager to win. That would lead them to resort to ungodly tactics such as cheating, but don’t worry, there are administrators who keep an eye round the clock so be rest assured that those who cheat would be banned from the game.

After having been away from the game for over a year, I decided to make another account and play some games. Obviously, I had lost my touch but I was amazed by the amount of progress the game designers had made in that period to increase the gaming experience. It seems to be more realistic now.

There are a number of game modes. For starters, there are training matches available, after which official matches would be the order of the day. Then, there is the cup mode as well as league mode. There is also a ‘game day’ feature, where Premier League battles are played out by gamers. Lastly, a ‘career mode’ feature was recently added to the fold.

Well, if you happen to bore yourself out by playing too many matches, you could hang out in the chatroom where you can interact with other the gamers. There are also the forums, where you can drop by to seek clarification regarding some matters, or just share some ideas with the other gamers.

In addition to that, if you are the sort who can afford to fork out some money, then you could purchase the game membership which has certain perks such as free league tickets and bonuses when levelling up. Besides that, there are add-on features such as coaches, and also different hairstyles and goal gestures that serve to increase the gaming experience, but I feel that these are nonessential.

However, just like any other game, ‘Power Soccer’ has its fair share of flaws. Apart from occasional cases of cheating, latency also exists. This causes the game to lag, and it can sometimes frustrate gamers to no end.

I bet you can’t resist to get your hands on this game now, can you? So, what are you waiting for? Go log on to and knock yourselves out playing the game. Don’t come blaming me though if you mother starts scolding you off the computer!
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