Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are Cartoons Still Entertainment For Teenagers?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who’s never watched, let alone heard, of SpongeBob SquarePants? I am sure most teenagers of today know that cartoon very well like the back of their hand, and some are maybe even addicted to it.

 The cartoon’s main character, SpongeBob, is the face of the cartoon industry, distinct and wacky in ‘his’ own rights. Which teenager can genuinely claim that he or she has never laughed or gotten amused seeing SpongeBob’s antics? None, I suppose.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that cartoons are still entertainment for us teenagers these days despite the fact that the times have changed. The only major difference between cartoons of the yesteryears and those of today is the degree of sophistication of the graphics and animations involved.

No doubt, we’ve got so little spare time to spend these days with tuition and studies and everything else that watching cartoons has become some sort of a privilege. But when we do watch cartoons, good cartoons that is, it is entertainment nonetheless.

However, I feel that teenagers these days won’t want to waste their time watching cartoons that have no particular outstanding feature. The best types of cartoons are certainly those with intelligent and distinctive plotlines coupled with quirky conversations (think SpongeBob).

Action-genred cartoons are losing their popularity simply because teenagers can be more entertained by either playing action games or watching action movies.

Besides that, cartoons that are based on movies also turn out to be great cartoons. This is because the movies are already an established entity and the cartoons will further exploit on the success of the movie. For instance, Star Wars fanatics can watch the Clone War series while those who adore Mr. Bean can watch the cartoon version of it.

Another element that makes a good cartoon is the use of a wide array of colours. We have become accustomed to seeing a dull world filled with less greenery and more shades of black-and-white that a colourful cartoon offers us a respite and enriches our eyes with colour. But it’s important not to overuse the colours too, because then it will become too childlike.

As much as I feel that cartoons are still a form of entertainment for teenagers today, I doubt that’ll be the case for long. In time to come, teenagers will be very much in their own world that they will barely have enough time for themselves so cartoons will, at best, be a secondary form of entertainment for them.

If you're a teenager, or even not one, are cartoons still a form of entertainment for you? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.
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