Monday, December 7, 2009

What's In a Name?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Have you ever figured out of what value is your name to you? Have you tried to research and delve into the meaning of your name, if your name has a meaning in the first place? And lastly, have you wondered why was THAT chosen to be your name?

You must come upon the realisation that your name is your title. Your name is your heritage. And your name has the potential to be your legacy. However, such statusus can be obtained if and only if you portray yourself in an aura of positive imagery.

Contrary to that, I have heard some rare cases whereby one dislikes his or her name. These clowns who suffer from this atypical disorder are hell-bent on changing their names. But ask yourself. Does that make the slightest bit of sense?

Leaving that aside, you must also realise that there is a reason as to why your name is such because every name has a deeper meaning to it. Hence, study your name, and you will receive adequate amount of answers. For now, I will take my name as an example.

 Himmat Singh. Himmat here stands for bravery, courage and the itch to stand steadfastly for the truth. Singh, on the other hand, means a majestic lion. In case you were wondering, Singh is used by Sikh men as their last name because our tenth Master proclaimed that all Sikh men’s name had to be followed by Singh whilst women’s name had to be followed by Kaur.

Then, after recognising what the deeper meaning of your name is, live your life on its basis. Use your name’s meaning as a compass that leads your life. It should mould you into a unique individual. Therefore, for me, I should live my life by being a brave man as well as being as kingly as I can. Yet, at the same time, the value of compassion has to be etched in myself to go vis-a-vis with my bravery, and humility must accompany my perspective of being a king.

I must however own up that many a times, such is the situation that I fall short and fail to keep up my good name. At times, I get frightened, and at other times, I appear not humble. But then, with my name being my compass, I hope to get myself out of this mess before long. You should  try to do the same things in your life too.

Moving on to looking at the big picture in a broader spectrum, you will have known that the hallmark to a successful novel or even a feature movie is an engaging title. A mind-boggling title undoubtedly creates a good first impression, vital in wanting to get readers or movie-freaks to buy their product.

Besides that, merchandises have to have good brand names in order to be sold. The rule of thumb here is that the more powerful the brand name, the more likely it is to perform better than other contemporary products. Take Mercedes-Benz as an instance. Its brand name is so powerful that it is a leading carmaker on a global scale.

Coming back to the topic at hand, an engaging title and a good brand name can be fungible with the word 'name'. 'Name' here as in YOUR name. So, make your name associated with such high level of respect that people will revere you. Create a brand whereby people are in awe of you.

A good name that you maintain with care will in turn lead to good first impressions because people need not need to know you. They would have heard from others that ‘so and so’ is bla bla bla. People will think highly of you. And before you know it; your name will be the next thing to graciousness.

In short, be PROUD of your name and LIVE your name. After all, your name is YOUR name!


d1n0za said...

Well said bro. I am proud too of my name. :-)

~Live Life~ said...

Nice entry =)

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