Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Angels and Demons.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Here goes. This piece of writing is NOT on the primordial meaning of angels or demons. I’m sorry for that. Angels and demons here are similes, metaphors or whatever you call them speaking figuratively of an aspect of the very basic of human natures.

What does an innocent human’s mind want actually? What pollutes an innocent human’s mind? Well, those are questions without definitive answers. They are questions which offer vague answers at the very most. Religions have tried over the millennia’s to offer their version of the story, each of them in their own ways, with some seeing success and others not.

The demons here are powerful forces that like it or not and believe it or not, lead humans astray from their ultimate goal in life. The angels on the other hand, are those forces that lead us closer to our ultimate goal in life.

In Star Wars terms, the ‘demons’ are the dark side of the force, and the ‘angels’ are the light side of the force. Speaking of that, it is easier to be influenced by the dark side, and hence, a tad harder to be absorbed into the light side of the force as it requires patience and perseverance. Henceforth, sensibly speaking, the light angelic side is the antidote to the dark demonish side of the force.

What is written below may seem trivial for you as you may have heard these stuff before. Anyway, I must say that I was enlightened by my guiding Light on this particular topic. Without wasting time any further, let's make way for the roll of dishonour, followed by the roll of honour.

Demonish Dark Side


Tonnes of us folks suffer from this. The primemost demon that has bothered the human race for eternity, so to say. Having said that, it would be paranormal too if the world was void of anger, no least because we are so used to it already.

But anger is BAD! It is scientifically proven, and religiously preached so. Anger leads to stress and tension, and results in unwanted behavior. Anger can cause high blood pressure and all that crap too.

You may just say, "Let it be". But then, many people have done things awfully wrong in a short burst of anger. Friends and family members have been killed, and jobs and relationships broken as a result of it also.


Haven't heard of a guy or girl with a big ego? Bet you have. In this era, the 'ego' phenomenon is all the rife, and thriving too. People have a knack for egoism more it seems by the day.

It's all me. No one else can do it. I am the best; unbeatable. Sounds very familiar? I know, because these are the sort of thoughts we people come across when we are influenced by the deep end of egoism.

In case you hadn't known, egoism leaves its mark is a scarrish manner. People will call you snobbish, high-nosed and stuff like that. Before long, you will notice your friends flying away. However, a tiny amount of ego is needed to give yourself some swagger in your day-to-day lives.


Attachment - our desire to be with something till the day we die, perhaps. Something that is of too great a value to us that we cannot bear with having to part with it for the slightest fraction of a second. Maybe your family, your children. Or maybe your company. Perhaps even your laptop!

Examples of attachment range from a multitude array of perspectives, varying from a demographical to a social context of an individual. That is because someone form a rural area would usually have attachments too, but would differ greatly from a man who is a multi millionaire.

Attachment is something that is the middle ground of lust and greed. A little of both combine to make this compound called 'attachment'. Looking at it from a point, attachment can result in severe disorder if it reaches the state of paraanoia.

A sinister hunger for more and more. Never the feeling of contentment, of satisfaction. Insatiable wanting of something. But we all know the lesson here. Just remember the story of the greedy dog who in the end lost the bone it had.
In life, being greedy can result in just that. Another example is that people got so frenzied over their seemingly endless amount of cash flowing in from stock markets that they decided to invest their whole live in it literally. But when the markets plunged last year, not only was their income wiped out, but their assets nullified as a result of being declared bankrupt.

In simpler context, we are greedy for food, clothes and technological gadgets among others. But what about the children in Africa who have no food, no shelter, no clothes? Therefore, thank the Lord for what he has given you, and remember to share whatever bit you have with others.


Many people you come across in the world are a lustful bunch of clowns. That said, one shouldn’t be a celibate also. Being a celibate is against the function of a human, so to speak.

Unending lust can lead to promiscuity. How would you feel if that happened to you, supposing you think your spouse is loyal to you? On the other hand, promiscuity can land you in hot water. Take the Tiger Woods saga. His reputation is tainted and his image tarnished.

One thing that is obvious in the case of lust in that it thrives in the rural areas, in the slums and in high-end urban areas. It has been there since God knows when. But keep it in check.

Angelic Light Side


Contentment is not just a word that is the direct opposite of greed. There is more to it than that. Contentment is the virtue of being gracious for whatever you have.

By being content, you become happy in your life. You can feel tranquility enveloping your life. You can feel the inner peace. No chasing money. No hectic work. No stress.

But the value of contentment is a rare gem to find these days. As rare as finding a needle in a haystack. Leading the life of contentment, you will never ask for more, but never settle for less too. Its the moral sanity to a middle ground, and the best way to live life.


One has to wonder where has the value of compassion gone into hiding in recent times. Two World Wars, and some others on lesser scale along with cases of genocide and ethnic-cleansing in the past hundred years seem to press on the point that there is no place for compassion in the modern world.

But I beg to differ. There are, at least in comparison with contentment, more people with compassion that I have seen in my life. Compassionate souls live long in the hearts of those who have felt their warmth.

Compassion is a very noble value too, and it is not limited to humans only. Compassion comprises of being kind to animals and plants. Even Mother Earth needs our compassion. Save the Earth!


Everybody says love is in the air. People say I love you every so often. But of what value is it? Marriages end in solemn divorces. Engaged couples abort their relationships. So much for love huh?

And nowadays, such is the fickle and narrow-minded nature of the human race that we almost all the time associate love with special relationships. Gone are the days when classmates used to love each other, when neighbours used to love each other.

Love should not be used only to express the lustful side of feelings. Love once used to be an open gesture people meant from the bottom of their hearts, but maybe due to the evolving global attitude, a change was necessary. No! Put that to right. LOVE ALL!


Spoken a lie? Nevermind. We all do it, for some reason or another. We lie due to us wanting to cover up our wrongdoings. But sooner than later, when our lies get uncovered, we would be stuck in deep shit.

True enough that it requires a lot of balls to speak the truth. Sometimes, circumstances are such that it is not too hard to say the truth, but it is not the case always. Fear especially gets the better of us in those times.

You would have realised that in times of adversity, when someone is in trouble, and the truth is uncovered to pour petrol into the fire, then the truth stings really badly. To avoid such happenings and to stay on the right path, advocate yourself and others around you to speak the truth.


So says the wise that the humblest is the most impressive. Yet, nobody, not the rich and famous at least, give a damn about that. They think they are too big for humility.

Humility is the polar opposite of egoism. An overly egoistic individual has no sense of humility, whilst a humble soul has the slightest touch of egoism. Now, the value is facing death in the upper living class. In the old times, humility was a must. If you hadn't been humble, you would literally be crucified.

But know this that people will like you all the more if you are humble. More so when it dosen't come by so often these days. Humility is the bandwagon of a human who has successfully spent his time on Earth, so why not join in?

--The End--

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