Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Inspiring Story of a Frog: Part 1

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Civilisation is doomed. Humans have been wiped out. And a new species emerges to replace the humans as the leading life-form on planet Earth. Many years earlier, in the year 2012 to be exact, the human race was completely wiped out after a series of cataclysmic events.

They were warned. Yet, they paid no heed to it. Swash-buckling tsunamis, inglorious volcanic eruptions and ground-shattering earthquakes sealed their fate.

I am one of the many of my species to have survived extinction and that fateful ordeal. And I am the hard-working, determined and iron-willed head-of-state of the place we live in. I am, in other words, the first Prime Minister of Froggerland.

Such an honour it is for me to hold the foremost key position in the Froggerland government. To share my story with you, I hope, will inspire you to aim for great heights. But note that my case is indeed a blessed one.

It happened many years back. Then, I was a mere tadpole I must say; when the leader of our community announced that the earth was to be doomed. The humans knew it, but acted as if they didn’t. Their loss was evidently our gain.

In the months leading to D-Day, I grew bigger and bigger in size as well as intellectuality. In the meantime, the best frog species had gathered for an international-level doomsday conference to devise strategies to ward off wholesale extinction on D-Day.

The one sure fact here is that we felt doomsday was imminent, not the least because we have our animalistic senses. The humans, on the other hands, took things too lightly and for granted. Our community elders convened at a secret location that until now, with the power within my hands, I have yet to ascertain. The folklore has it that frogs from far-fetched places such as New York, Auckland and Tokyo took their seats at the gathering.

So, the cataclysmic events of 2012 came and went, yet we frogs were mostly unharmed, apart from a small percentage of us who sould not be saved in time. A brilliant masterpiece of a blueprint was devised by Dr. Little Green, a respected scientist in the frog world. Together with his awesome team, he drilled through the undergrounds of a few mountains around the globe. Everest, Kilimanjaro and Fuji are some of his endeavours.

I was very young and naive back then, and so I questioned one of the officer just after we survived 2012, “How come the humans did not know what we were doing?”

My question drew a stark response, one that made so much sense. “Do you not know that Dr. Green is an almost perfect maverick? He works out every inch of a plan before it is put to practice. Hence, he took that all into account. No human, I repeat, NO HUMAN knew of our plans. We were, essentially, too smart for them! It is a pity they are here no more.”

That day is the day that ranks highest in my hall of shame. Well, I practically got booed off. And mocked at! However, after exploring the world post 2012, I found out that it was a much better place than when it was with the humans living in it.

One other thing caught my attention too. It wasn’t only the humans were gone, all other notable life forms disappeared too. I also soon found out that my dear friends had gone to the heavens as they did not make it to the secret underground tunnels.

But one thing shook the world – the frog world. It was affirmed that ... ( to be continued)

To read Part 2, Click HERE


kenwooi said...

heya, dropped by via the link you put on's fan page.. haha..

interesting thing about the frog world.. =)

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