Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Inspiring Story of a Frog: Part 2

Thursday, January 7, 2010

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...But one thing shook the world. It was affirmed that Dr. Green had breathed his last after selflessly trying to save his comrades in the seconds before the disaster struck. The frog community on the whole struggled to grip with that news, especially since it was pre-meditated that he would lead us all.

In the meantime, I grew curious towards my new surroundings. I was hopping around busy exploring the vast extent of the land when I suddenly fell into a deep ravine. I guess I got knocked out instantly then. After being unconscious for quite some time, I made my way back home feeling all giddy.

Shocked I was to learn that I was perceived dead – for I hadn’t returned for over a day! I couldn’t remember the incident much, and I also did not suffer any notable injury to my body. But there was something wrong with me, definitely, but I dared not tell anyone and I kept that a secret for the time being.

Over at the government headquarters of Froggerland, the leaders of the land squabbled and bickered for the top post in the government now that Dr. Green had breathed his last. There was a whole lot of brouhaha, and law and order was the last thing on their mind.

Amid the intense politicking, one of the more established frogs suggested a fair and square solution to the problem. I read his statement in the Froggerland Times. Said he, “Now, everyone is squabbling over the top post of the government. Every frog is to itself. I reckon a race to the top of the tallest of the High-Rise trees deep in the jungles of the land.”

It seemed to not only me, but to many others too, that he was insane. How on Earth was a damn race going to help in choosing a suitable Prime Minister candidate? But as a few days passed, and no other probable solution was aired out by anybody, people started thinking this was the best way out to end the nonsense.

At the same time, I was getting more worried by the day over my condition that didn’t seem to improve. Yet, I was grateful that no one else realised it. I still went about my normal life, and ran the errands that my mother asked of me. And then, my mother dropped a bombshell, “My dear son, I want you to go for that race!”

I paid no heed to her. Duh! So, she grabbed me by the arm and shoved the newspaper into my face, pointing her finger to the front-page article that it was confirmed the race would be held over the weekend and the winner will hold the top office in Froggerland.

At that instant, I understood what she was saying. But me? I felt a large weight crushing on my shoulders. I wanted to run away, because I thought I was going to lose badly and it would do no good, instead harm, to my image in the general public.

How do you find the first two parts of the story so far? Your opinions are highly valued.


arjan said...

The stories are great. I really suggest that u should continue this part. It definately has a lot of suspense in it.

Aj said...

continue, please, please

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