Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Facts for Random People

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey folks! This is going to be a short post on a few facts that I have compiled from all over the web. I tried to get as many unique facts as I could, and I have decided not to post too many facts, just in case so that there is no overload caused to your brains!

Feel free to share some other unique facts that you know or comment on what I have presented here.

Here goes...

> Shanghai, China is the largest city by population in the world. (13.3 million)

> The banana fruit first originated from Malaysia.

> The lowest death-rate in the world is in the United Arab Emirates. (2.11/1000)

> Japan is the largest exporter of frog legs.

> Mongolia is the least dense populated country in the world.

> Luxemborg is the richest country in the world, with an annual GNP of $ 45, 000.

> A German World War II submarine was sunk due to the malfunction of a toilet.

> Russia has the most movie theateres in the world.

> Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola than any other nation per capita.

> Finland has about 60, 000 lakes.

> The Jedi concept, derived from Star Wars, is an official religion in Australia.

> Wearing a hat is a sign of disrespect in Fijian culture.

> The best selling ice-cream flavour in the US is vanilla.

> Colombia is the biggest source of the precious rock, Emerald.

> The world's largest diamond was found in South Africa in the year 1905.

> The earliest known modern ancestor of the humans was found in Ethiopia.

...and maybe I will share more facts some other time...

-The End-


jfook said...

INteresting. Thanks for sharing.

cr3ap said...

Nice facts. I love the part where the submarine sank because the toilet malfunction. A bit funny.

Regards from cr3ap

Wooi Kit said...

Instead of banana fruit, why not you can put "King of Fruit" is Durian from Malaysia?

Just giving my opinions. :)

Himmat Singh said...

sure, no problem man.

Yea that is funny.

@Wooi Kit
Well, it would be better but durian is from Malaysia/Thailand.

Cas said...

Interesting facts, thanks for sharing. I've been to Shanghai but never knew it is the largest city by population in the world. Guess we learn new things everyday eh? :)

Apple Tan said...

Hahahahah! Seriously, BANANAS from Msia? OMG! LOL!

oh btw, i didnt know tht I didnt FOLLOW u. Now I'm your follower! Keep writing more awesome stuffs! :)

arjan said...

Can I know which Country has the most Islands. Finland that's my bet. Others Indonesia and Canada.
Finland has 179584 islands some people say.

Brenda Ang said...

Hey, interesting facts. I like the coca cola one, cause I like coca cola, lol.

Jo-Yee said...

I dont know if this is gonna make me sound stupid or what but ive heard that the philippines has got the most islands. something like 7 thousand plus? =D

i dont know awesome post! love reading about stuff i can go around boasting to people that i know of but they dont, ;)

happy blogging!


Himmat Singh said...

Lol yea, sometimes we dont know whats pretty apparent.

Yep, bananas are from Malaysia!!!

Lol...didnt know that man.

Coke addict? Oh I see.

Yesss, go boast round ur friends, but dont over do it. lolz.

Anonymous said...

A very nice post and guess what? I am gonna follow you (=

TS Lim said...

If you count total population by administrative area, Chongqing got almost double the population of Shanghai. But Shanghai has the most 'metro population'

Interesting fact about the frog legs lol.

Ă„lici∂ said...

Hmm, I so didn't know that about the frog legs! Good to know lol.

Himmat Singh said...


k i c...didnt know that fact..

lol...u knew pretty much the rest?? cool...

cj'alhafiz said...

Largest exporter of the frog legs??
Japan??? hahahaha!!! hey man...can i post this on my blog site??

Himmat Singh said...


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