Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review of the Drama Series 'Merlin'

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Need a break from all the TV drama series such as Lost, CSI and a host of other shows? Well, then I guess you could try watching Merlin. Merlin is an amazing British drama series set in the medieval times of the yesteryear.

Maybe some of you would have already heard of this series, but many still don’t know much about it. Actually, this is the best TV drama series that I have watched over these years. I mean, I don’t have access to satellite or pay-per-view TV stations, so I don’t quite have the tools to explore many other drama series out there, but yea, this makes for a good viewing experience to just wind down, relax and be entertained.

Merlin, though it is the title of the series, is actually the name of a young man who is the central protagonist in the plot of the story. He has a likable, easy-going character and most of the time his character is portrayed in a humorous and enjoyable manner.

The mystery of the story lies in the fact that Merlin possesses magical powers. The King, named Uther, is the ruler of the land called Camelot where the story is centred. He is essentially in an all-out battle against magic for he sees it to pose a risk to his autonomy power over the throne that he presides on.


Therefore, Merlin’s magical powers are unknown to everybody, except for the King’s trusted deputy, Gaius. Gaius took care of Merlin after knowing of his secret powers and has protected him thereafter. Additionally, Gaius is responsible to further enhance Merlin’s magical prowess, but all this has to be done in utmost level of secrecy.

Officially, Merlin is known to be the servant of Arthur, crown prince and the one and only child that Uther has. Arthur actually has a sister, Lady Morgana, but she is the adopted child of Uther. Arthur is more than often seen to be a friend of Merlin, but he doesn’t seem to give much respect to Merlin. After all, you may say Merlin is just his servant.


But no – Merlin is more than that. Merlin has helped save Arthur on numerous occasions using his magic. Of course though, Arthur, who is a worthy knight, doesn’t know. He thinks that he is the greatest fighter as he has never been beaten, when in true fact, he is heavily indebted to Merlin.

Just in case you were wondering if is there a Guinevere in the story since there are Arthur and Merlin from the tales of ‘King Arthur and His Seven Knights’, there indeed is a Guinevere in the story. She is a royal servant, just like Merlin. Interestingly, she happens to have a strong bond towards Arthur.

One one or two occasions, even Lancelot appeared. However, I am quite sure there is nothing in similarity between King Arthur and Merlin. Well, that is because this series has an all new plot and storyline.

Every week, the series has a new adventure, a new twist and a new saga. Fictional creatures such as dragons, trolls and witches have been featured. I must accept the fact that there have been a few episodes where the plot is a letdown, but on the overall, it is beautifully polished.

This is just a brief account of the Merlin series. Definitely there is more to tell, but if you want to know what Merlin is really all about and rate it for yourself, just catch it on TV or on the Internet or where ever else you can find it on.


cj'alhafiz said...

i watched each of the episodes of season 1 Merlin...
such a great magical it!!

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