Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being the Editor of Niexter

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, have you got your copy of Niexter today?? Well, if you haven’t, which seems quite obvious, go grab one! Actually, I am the editor for this week’s edition of Niexter, so I do hope you can tell me how is this edition of Niexter on the overall.

This week’s issue is explained in brief in the Editor’s Diary that I wrote below:

This issue commemorates and celebrates the achievements of Alicia Loh, who at the age of 13, has published her own novel.

Though she suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, she remains strong, seeing the positive side to everything she experiences. She even maintains a blog to share her thoughts.

We have also featured words of encouragement and inspiration, and showcased prominent individuals who have achieved much despite being ridden with disabilities.

People like Alicia have risen above countless obstacles to achieve their dreams in life. To simply put it to perspective – Where there be a will, there be a way. Where there be no will, there be no way.

Working as an editor for this issue of Niexter has been a very enjoyable experience, and a hectic one too to a certain extent. I have Aunty Mary, the manager of the NIE Department, and Aunty Hazlina to thank for giving me this invaluable oppurtunity.

Not only that, but via me being given the chance to be the editor, I feel I have improved, however little, my sense of coordination and things like that. Moreover, I have learnt how to communicate with the group members and also in getting others to contribute their writing.

It was a last minute call-up for our group, but we were up to the task nonetheless. Usually, there would be two weeks or more to fully prepare, but we had our meeting on one fine Friday and almost everything was sent in by the following Monday.

I have to thank Radhika, who despite being an editor in her own entity, she helped me in finding my feet as she had the experience that I was lacking initially. And also Kelly and Susmita who make up the rest of the team. Let me not forget the graphic artists too, who have done a superb layout.

The best part of all of this is that I got to know Alicia Loh. Though I didn’t interview her, but just getting to know her personality has been a great source of inspiration. As you would already know, at the tender age of 13, she is the proud author of ‘The Last Chapter’, and her book is reviewed in this edition of Niexter too. With me being an aspiring writer, this only serves as a further source of motivation for me.

Besides Alicia, some research was done by a fellow Niexter, Elsheba, on prominent personalities who have beaten the odds to reach great heights in their lives. The three people that have been written on are Stevie Wonder, Marla Runyan and Helen Keller. I also did a short write up on Nor Umairah, a Malaysian girl who achieved amazing results despite having to write with her feet.

So, that is basically the gist of this edition of Niexter. To read more, just grab a copy of today’s NST and dig through for the Niexter pullout. Additionally, do look out for the issue due in the first week of March as it has got something to do with this issue. I’d rather not spill the beans here. So, do remember to grab that copy too!


cj'alhafiz said...

wow!!! new information for me!!!
i never get my eye on this meg...
i don't even noe it exists...

Wooi Kit said...

This Niexter pullout is quite interesting... but I hv no time to read newspaper... :(

Himmat Singh said...

Yea...not surprising, but do get it if you can k.

@Wooi Kit
Cool...glad you like it :)

Anonymous said...

i read niexter nearly every week,and,to tell you the truth,want to be part of it!:D
the Alicia Loh article is one of my fav!

Himmat Singh said...

Hi there...if you really want to be a part of Niexter, you can!

Just let me know and I can help you out. :)

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