Friday, March 26, 2010

The Best Novels That I've Read

Friday, March 26, 2010

After previously speaking about The reading Habit, I have decided to compile a list of the best novels I've read all these years. After having a look at it, feel free to share your favourite novels by leaving a comment below.

Cryptid Hunters

Read this novel when I was 14. The story centres on a brother and sister who are twins, and they are in for one heck of an adventure when they fall off their plane into the dense jungle of Congo. Creatures of all sorts roam the jungle, and they have to fight for survival. With am immersing storyline, the author, Roland Smith, captivated my imagination. I have read some of his other works too, and he is one of my favourite authors.

Special Operations: Dogfight

Set during the harsh times of the WWII in Norway, this story is based on the Resistance movement, which is led by the Allied forces against the German forces. The main figure in this novel is Finn Gunnerson, a zealous teenager who would give his every bit for his country. Before long, he is drafted in as a replacement for an injured secret agent and the story is full-blown from there on. Currently reading its sequel – Special Operations: Eagle Eye.

Inspector Singh Investigates

This is the first book that I have come across in which a Sikh man plays the leading figure in a story. Inspector Singh is a Singaporean who is working his last years in the police force when a high-profile murder case involving a Singaporean citizen blows over in neighbouring Malaysia, prompting him to be a part of the investigation of the case. His uncanny wits keep him one step ahead of his Malaysian counterparts, whom he doesn’t quite like.

Library of the Dead

Written by Glenn Cooper, this is arguably my favourite novel of the lot. ‘Library of the Dead’ follows the life of Will Piper, a FBI Special Agent. He is tasked to solve a case, in which victims mysteriously get ‘murdered’ all round New York City. The murderer on the loose is dubbed the ‘Doomsday Killer’. However, all is not as it seems – there are no murders. It is all a tinge of fate and destiny, with someone already knowing the dates of death of people beforehand and using it to his advantage.

The Book of Souls

This is a sequel to ‘Library of the Dead’, and it centres on finding the truth behind ‘the library’. Will Piper is sent to England to find out clues regarding the history of ‘the library’, and with every new discovery, they are able to put two and two together. Additionally, historical figures such as William Shakespeare, Nostradamus and Jen Cauvin play fictional characters in the plot of the novel, and this only makes things more interesting.

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