Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Reading Habit

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reading is a part of everyone’s lives, or rather a part of almost everybody’s lives. I would say that it is a part of my life too. We read stuff ranging from newspapers to online materials to novels. Whatever it is, reading is a good habit – no doubt about that – as reading opens up our mind to a whole lot of stuff.

If we read, we would be articulate on historical and contemporary happenings, and as such, our general knowledge would be of a commendable nature. That aside, reading improves our command of the language. Say if we read English materials often, then it can be assumed that our usage of the language would be good.

The best part about reading though is none of the above – it is the satisfaction and joy that you get out of it. This sense of satisfaction isn’t gained through reading newspapers or magazines, for usually people, me included, get pleasure and joy by reading novels and story books because they are interesting; be them thrillers, fantasy, romance or mystery.

I have been reading since a very young age and this has helped me tremendously in life. It has made me a more knowledgeable person, and has given me a broader perspective on a myriad of topics in addition to making me a tad more imaginative, giving me creative ideas on how to go about doing things.

Though I like to read novels, but I’d have to say that I rarely read them now. I used to read tens of novels each year when I was younger, but now I read a novel something like once every six months. However, I do read loads of other stuff – most notably newspapers and materials from online resources.

Having said that, I find that my newspaper reading has been on the decline lately, mostly due to the fact that there’s barely any worthy news to be read these days. I'd rather read magazines, of which my favourites are the Time Magazine and the National Geographic Journal.

Still, even if it is infrequent, whenever I get my hands on a novel, I can never wait to finish it. Better still, if the story isn’t finished, my mind will continue to throw up possible scenarios for its ending. Sometimes, I’d take a long time to finish a novel because for every other sentence that I read, I’d pause for a moment and picture the scene in my mind, and will then read the sentence once again.

I have the knack to read novels that are thrillers or mysteries in nature, and therefore, I’m not much a fan of fantasy or romance novels among others. Some of my favourite novels include Cryptid Hunters and Library of the Dead, with my favourite authors being Roland Smith and Glenn Cooper.

Everybody has their own reading taste. Hence, some people like reading magazines more than novels, while others would choose a comic book over a newspaper. Whatever it is, the benefits of reading are glaringly apparent. If you are the non-reading kind a type of person, I reckon you buck the trend and start reading this very instant.

Do you like reading? Do you feel that reading is an essential part of our lives? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.
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