Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Improve Your English Language Proficiency

Monday, May 24, 2010

The English language is the universal language of the world. It allows many people from diverse backgrounds and different countries to communicate with one another using one common platform.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that millions of people from all around the globe strive very hard and make it a point to learn English – or at least the basic of it – due to its importance. Jobs can be earned, relationships can be forged and barriers can be broken via the usage of the English language.

However, after learning the basics, many come across numerous stumbling blocks in a bid to improve their English language proficiency and to take it to the next level. Some of them find it too difficult and complicated a process while others just don't seem to get the hang of it.

Here, I would like to share a few ways that can be practised by anyone who wishes to improve his or her English. A bit of tweaking is needed to see what way(s) suit you best. All these methods are modern by means, so I hope it can help you in some way or another, if you need help that is.

Watch TV Programmes/Movies

Let me start with the most enjoyable way to improve your English language proficiency – by watching television programmes and movies that is. You might have heard of this method before and not paid attention to it, but it seriously does work. It works for me at least.

Besides being entertained (of course), you would observe the language that the characters use to speak, and you will inevitably improve yours in turn. Additionally, by watching movies that promote good usage of the language such as those from the Pirates franchise, you could pick up some bombastic words and phrases to be incorporated in your daily usage of English.

Read Novels/Newspapers/Magazines

This is perhaps the most common way in which people increase their English language proficiency. With a wide array of reading materials available out there, you will never run short of supply. You have the benefit of choosing whether to read novels, newspapers, magazines or even professional blogs for that matter.

Then you can choose which niche interests you and develop your reading habit from there. Say, if you are a sports fanatic, then you could read the sports section of the newspaper while if you are a fashion-holic, you could make do with fashion magazines.

Chat Online

Well, you’d be thinking I must be joking, but no, I’m dead serious here. Although online chatting uses a whole lot of short forms and other types of non-formal English, but the thing here is that you would get more comfortable using the language if that’s not the case yet.

This method doesn’t apply if you want to take your English to a very high standard, but it works to bring it to a respectable level. I’d say that this method of chatting online with friends comes in handy especially for those who use English as their second language.

Play Video/Online Games

Another peculiar way to improve one's English you must be wondering. But it isn’t. I say this because if you are an avid gamer, you will familiarise yourself with gaming terms that would help you master the English language.

This however, on your part, requires a little attention towards the sort of language used in the game. For instance, if you play Star Wars, you will come across the word ‘rendezvous’ (that’s how I got to know it), a not so common word. Likewise, if you play football games, you would pick up the football lingo by listening to the game commentary.

Have any ideas on how you improved your English language proficiency, or how others can improve their's? Feel free to leave a comment below.
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