Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ice Age 3 Movie Review

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know that this is a little too late for the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs movie review, but I decided I had to review it after watching it on VCD recently.

For me, this is truly the most enthralling, enchanting, wacky as well as action-packed animated feature film of all time. The graphics were jaw-dropping, the storyline immersing, and the characters and their roles provided a perfect blend with the movie.

The story starts with the nut-loving Scrat running aimlessly for his priced nut which in all dubiosity, he had not eaten ever since the first movie. He then meets his opposite sex, Scratte, and throughout the movie, the limelight comes back to them.

Then, Manny hysterically puts the whole kingdom on the verge of pandemonium by announcing that Ellie is due. That was a false alarm though. At this instance, the plot was slow moving as it was only the build up to the blockbuster part.

Diego says that he would have to leave since Manny’s fanaticism with his family matters was none of his business, and this prompts Sid to find his ‘own’ friends too. Interestingly, Sid finds three eggs after falling down into a cave, and he decides to keep them, against the wishes of Manny.

Soon, the eggs hatch, but no one has to clue as to what they are. Before long, the mother comes looking for the eggs, and takes them together with Sid to an unknown world below the ice. A rescue mission led by Manny ensues. Later on, Diego joins forces with them at the dinosaur-land, and they also meet a pirate-like weasel called Buck.

In the words of Buck, they have to endure and outwit the jungle of misery, the chasm of death and the plates of woe in order to save Sid. The worst part – there is this monstrous mother-of-all dinosaurs called Rudy that threatens to ruin their rescue mission as well as having them for dinner.

Sid, on the other hand, is terrified at first by the mother of his three ‘kids’ – the T-Rex. She plans to kill Sid at first, but after much effort from Sid, she decides to allow Sid to be part of their family.

As they closed in on Sid, tragedy occurs. Ellie starts experiencing contractions, and then all of a sudden, the rocks start to move. Ellie manages to escape whilst the rest tumble down. At this juncture, Buck decrees that he was to go and save Sid with Crash and Eddie whilst Manny and Diego were to watch over Ellie.

For me, the best part of the movie is now; when Buck grabs a sort of flyable dinosaur and rides it as if it were a horse. However, trouble brews as tens of other flyable dinosaurs fly in a formation reminisce of jet-fighters and tail the dinosaur that Buck and company were on. Then, as they navigate through the volcano that was spitting hot lava, Crash and Eddie grab ‘ammunition’ from a plant and using a slingshot, shoot off the nasty creatures out of their tail.

Sid, who thought that he had seen the end of his end when he falls off the lava waterfall, is rescued. Back at the place where the others were, Ellie had given birth to a baby girl. Manny and Diego had warded off loads of dinosaurs in that period of time too.

With that, they begin their journey back. They reach the cave that leads back to their home, but guess what – Rudy was waiting for them! Together with the leadership of Buck; Diego, Manny and Sid brought the big beast to the ground. But it didn’t last long. Rudy was back on its feet. Then, the T-Rex that had taken Sid in its family came out of the blues to send Rudy down a cliff.

After saying the customary good-byes, they went back to their world. At first, Buck wanted to follow them, but from afar, he could hear Rudy rumbling. And so he decided that his world is here, not with Manny and the rest of them.

In a round-up, I would say that this movie makes for a good family viewing. The director and production crew together with the actors who have lent their voices to the characters have come up with a beautiful end-product. The movie is further enriched by humour, and therefore if you haven’t watched it, grab a DVD from the nearest store.

My Rating:

Animations: 9/10
Storyline: 8/10
Characters: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10


kenwooi said...

ice age is fun! =)


~Live Life~ said...

Wow nice one!...quite a detailed piece of review...watched Ice Age 3D in the cinemas...even cooler! haha...=)

Jagdesh said...

this movie was too good

Bruce828 said...

Yaya~ Agree^^ Very funny indeed :D

Nic Da Nic said...

especially the failing from the gua that time..hahaha

WeiZhong said...

Hey bro... I think i have fixed to comment box... Thanks for remind me about thx comment box^^...

WeiZhong said...

Yea... Now can d... My fren try d can leave comment... Thanks for ur idea to fix it... ^^

Anonymous said...

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