Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Highest-Grossing Film of All Time

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So you have heard it in the news that Avatar has surpassed Titanic as the highest all-time grossing feature movie. In the space of about two months, it has already managed to rake in a whooping U$2 Billion! And that is around U$200 million more than the amount that the Titanic film released in the year 1997 made, which ironically was also directed by James Cameron.

Well, looking at the situation, it might as well surpass the U$2.5 Billion mark as the movie would continue playing in cinemas in certain countries, followed by a world-wide release on DVD. And one is bound to wonder if would there be any movie which can do better than Avatar in the Box Office in the near-future.

Personally speaking, Avatar was one heck of an impressively put-together movie. The cinematical effects were brilliant, the storyline was intriguing, the graphics was superb and the sequencing of the movie was laid out well. Even the roles played out by the characters in the movie were executed with pin-point perfection.

In truth, there is little to complain about the movie. One thing for sure is that it is based on an original storyline, which is contrary to what some say Avatar to be a technologically and scientifically enhanced version of the animated film 'Pocahontas' that was produced by Disney years ago based on a the plight of the Red-Indians during the colonial times of native America.

On a separate note, one major factor that has to be taken into account in assessing the splendid performance of Avatar in terms of making money is that the movie was released on 3-D too. As we know, 3-D tickets cost more by some margin, and this in turn pushed up the movie's earnings.

So, what’s in store for Avatar next? After picking up two accolades at the recently-concluded Golden Globes Awards for the best motion picture as well as best director, it is in firm footing to sweep through the Oscar Awards. Avatar has been nominated in nine categories, and it would be a major surprise if it doesn’t triumph in the categories that it has received nominations for.

One fact that would surprise you is that many folks have gone to watch Avatar not just once, but more than that. They keep on returning to the cinema, and there even was a bizarre report saying that after watching the movie in its 3-D trim, people thought that the realm of Pandora was their real home, not down here on Earth. What a harsh reality it is for them I must say!

Now, apparently, the rumour-mill has it that the man who made all this possible in terms of the initial funding of the movie, Rupert Murdoch, has fuelled talks about a sequel to the movie. Logically speaking, a sequel would only draw more people to the cinemas, but it all depends on the man praised for his creative genius, that is James Cameron himself. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.

In short, all that I have to say is that Avatar fully deserves the coveted top-spot on the list of the highest all-time grossing films. Though I prefer the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings and the movies under the Pirates franchise more than Avatar, but its global appeal and probably aggressive marketing strategy did pay off in the end.

And of course after all the months and years spent on producing and editing the movie, the great final-product that we have seen in the cinemas put the icing on the cake!

James Cameron


Apple said...

yeahhh, Avatar was goood!

My lecturer made it as an assignment to watch Avatar, which i think is good since I'm in this field (3D)

Sequel? it better be good xD

kenwooi said...

cool.. but too bad i havent watched the movie yet.. =)

Himmat Singh said...

@Apple Yea, its corelated with what you study. And I hope the sequel would be as good if not better. :)

I guess you should watch it then.

Jan said...

Sadly. I've never watched it yet. I don't know why, but the fact that its so overhyped makes me think its overrated. Lol.

I'm such an underdog.

Elaine New said...

loved it! haha. i wasnt interested wit the trailer at all but i went to watch it after hearin every1 said it was good. haha. watched it in platinum! worth every cent! =)

Himmat Singh said...

Well, to tell you the truth, it ain't overhyped. Go see it!!!

Yup, same with me. Avatar didn't have a good trailer. And movies such as 2012 had so good trailers but were complete letdowns!

Difficulty: Super said...

Well, actually IT DOESN'T have an original storyline. You can clearly see the 'green' nature of the movie. And it really is similar to the red-indians of the american old west. The native people fighting the advanced invaders with arrows and sticks? YUP

Himmat Singh said...

@Difficulty (AZIM)
You cannot make such a conclusion. There are similarities between Pocahontas and Avatar, but Avatar reflects a different dimension altogether.

changyang1230 said...

Someone on the Internet made this comparison:

Proof that Avatar is actually Pocahontas in 3D

Himmat Singh said...

I am aware of that. It has been making its rounds on the Internet lately. However, on a personal opinion, I think Avatar was made to be original. Hence, I say this to be a freak coincidence.

changyang1230 said...

I respectfully disagree with that. While we have no conclusive evidence of James Cameron holding out Pocahontas's script and plagiarising it, it's simply inconceivable that a movie in 2010 written by an experienced director / scriptwriter share so many similarities with a movie in 1995 without any knowledge.

I don't intend to pick up an argument but I just thought it's quite unlikely for it to be fully written without the knowledge of Pocahontas. Regardless the visual in this film in stunning and I still enjoyed myself tremendously in the cinema :)

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